Hi. I’m John, and I’m a sex addict

It has taken me a long time to say those words. Denial – to myself and others. Lies – to myself and others. Betrayal- to myself and others. I didn’t have a problem. SHE had the problem. I wasn’t disrespectful of her needs. SHE was the disrespectful and unloving one. It was never my fault – she just couldn’t or wouldn’t understand.

Then I read the introduction of the Sexaholics Anonymous book, and it sounds like a biography of my life. Words like “unmanageable,” “lost control” and “hooked and cannot stop.” It became undeniable what was going on in my life. Years of therapy and counseling, and I’d deny addiction over and over. I worked on every other part of my life, but never admitted I had a problem with sex.

My world has come crashing down, and I no longer have any other excuse. I don’t have anyone else I can blame.

So here I am. This is me.

Hi. I’m John, and I’m a sexaholic.


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