Hi. I’m John, and I’m a sex addict

It has taken me a long time to say those words. Denial - to myself and others. Lies - to myself and others. Betrayal- to myself and others. I didn't have a problem. SHE had the problem. I wasn't disrespectful of her needs. SHE was the disrespectful and unloving one. It was never my fault … Continue reading Hi. I’m John, and I’m a sex addict


Deny it, shut it down. 

Every day feels like a fight against biology, and that often spills over into my relationship with Grace. I believe that sex is an important part of an adult relationship. She believes she SA/SANON mantra that sex is optional, and has made made the decision to be abstinent until marriage. Of course, along with that … Continue reading Deny it, shut it down. 

Day 120

Recovery is a rollercoaster. It has been 120 days without orgasm. That probably hasn't happened since high school or maybe junior high school. My body recognizes this, and there have been some negative and uncomfortable physical effects, which I will spare you the details of.  Grace and I are working through reconnecting, and learning while … Continue reading Day 120